The Late Great Tom Rollins Never Had It Better

For a guy who quit his job as an accountant to pursue his passion and build a million dollar business, it’s hard to believe he was wrong. His passion for what he was doing and the help of some very special people have allowed him to achieve things few others ever dreamed possible. Tom was able to overcome obstacles, make a lot of mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. All of that is taught in “The CEO Formula,” a phenomenal book written by Tom Rollins and John C Maxwell. These two entrepreneurs made it their mission to share with the world what they learned during the years it took them to develop their highly successful business.

In this book they teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to use their time wisely by being a day dreamer instead of a night owl. They also teach how to be passionate about so much that you’ll be passionate about it long after you’ve completed the book. Tom and John take you on a journey to help you unlock the door to increasing your shareholder value while minimizing your overall risk. The secret to significantly increased business success has long been hiding in plain site for just about 25 years. It’s called “The Crunch.”

The authors of the “The CEO Formula” use a simple yet powerful combination of time management and investing skills to help you reach your full potential and increase your returns. They teach you how to do it by using proven concepts and strategies. It isn’t magic, and it isn’t fluff. “The CEO Formula” is not some overly hyped rehashed advice book aimed at inexperienced investors. The authors are successful business people themselves, and Tom and John know exactly what they’re talking about. Their book is jam packed with valuable lessons that can benefit just about anyone regardless of background or level of experience.

The key three secrets shared in this text are a solid investment philosophy, time management, and commitment to a regular schedule. Tom and John start out each chapter with a brief, focused description of the topic before going into detail about the main points to be covered in the next section. You’ll learn a lot just from reading their book, but you’ll also get an improved understanding of how to be a better leader, manager, or investor. If you aren’t aware of these concepts, you’ll have no idea just how useful “The CEO Formula” could be to you.

The most helpful aspect of “The CEO Formula” comes in the The CEO Formula section entitled “Tom and John Rollens’ Three Secrets of Building A Business That Shares Your Value”. You’ll quickly understand why the authors chose this particular title for their book. The “CEOs” in the book are all real business people, and they have common goals. They have goals similar to those of the readers of this text. The authors recognize the importance of building a business that others see as being highly profitable, and Tom and John realize that many business people don’t have a clear picture of how to go about achieving this. By sharing some of their experiences, they hope to provide the motivation needed to help you do this.

Part of what “The CEO Formula” teaches you is how to use “emotion as well as knowledge” to get things done. Most of the time, plain sight is not enough to move the needle. As business people, we tend to focus on only the bottom line. The good thing is that there is a solution to this problem, and it comes in the form of “The CEO Formula.” Tom and John describe how using their formula can get your company much closer to achieving its full potential, and that includes sales.

As previously mentioned, the three keys shared in this text are grounded in reality, and the authors know that even though their stories may seem fanciful, they are based in reality. That is why you will hear references to “hype” and “big talk.” These authors understand that you have to be realistic if you want your efforts to work. The CEO Formula is not a “work at home” opportunity because it requires real work. In addition, business people who read this book will come away with the realization that they need to set aside time each day to apply what they learn in the book to their own lives.

The truth is that Tom Rollins and John C Maxwell are not writing a get rich quick book. Rather, they are sharing with you their story of how they discovered the secret to becoming a force in adult education and using that secret to get results for themselves and others. The more you read “The CEO Formula,” the more you will see how simple it really is. In fact, you may find yourself looking for more applications of the “ceo formula” as you progress through the book. This is a great little book that provide real solutions to problems that face all of us, and Tom and John Rollings do an excellent job of presenting their case